Besides of already mentioned activities, the company Voće – tranzit Ltd Gradačac also provides transport services in the country and abroad. The company owns well equipped fleet of vehicles, which consists of 7 trucks and trailers. In order to better respond to our customers needs we own two types of trailers: curtainsider trailers and refrigerated trailers. Most of our transport services we do on territory of European Union and we have all the necessary permissions for this (CEMT permit). All our vehicles meets the minimum EU criterias in terms of gas emission EURO 5.

Our vehicle mainly transport between Bosnia and Herzegovina (Gradačac) – Italy (Padua) for the needs of our own company. For this reason, we are especially convenient to do transportation in direction Bosnia – Italy. For transportation to this specific destination we can provide our customers a long standing cooperation for acceptable price, so that we can achieve mutual business satisfaction. Besides of already mentioned destination, the company is also offering transport services to other destinations.